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Hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side of the body. These stretches may be performed in sequence and it is recommended that each stretch be performed at least twice.

Standing Quadricep/Hip Flexor Stretch

Standing on one foot, bring opposite heel towards your butt, reach behind and grab the ankle or foot. Point the knee to the floor and push the hip forward, gently. Feel this stretch in the front of your thigh. It may be aid balance to place the other hand on the wall.

Hamstring Stretch

Hands on hips or place one on a wall, extend one foot out in front of you or on a step, push your butt back and lean your ribs down towards the extended leg. Feel this stretch down the back of the thigh.

Calf Stretch

Standing, extend one foot behind you, pressing the heel into the floor. Hands on hips or wall, bend the front knee slightly until you begin to feel this stretch in the calf area of the back leg.

Outer Hip

Standing on one foot, cross opposite ankle over the knee, hold onto something stationary and squat back feeling this stretch in the outer hip area of the crossed leg.

Tricep Stretch

Place one hand behind the head reaching fingertips between the shoulder blades. Place the opposite hand on that elbow and press down gently. Feel this stretch down the back of the arm.

Bicep/Shoulder/Chest Stretch

Reach behind the hips and interlace fingers, push the chest forward and roll shoulders open while raising both arms behind you, feel this stretch through the chest, shoulders and biceps.

Shoulder Rolls

Standing straight (chest lifted and ribs over hips), arms by your sides, move the shoulder joint clockwise/counter-clockwise in a circular motion.

Boom! No more excuses for not fitting in the all important, post-workout, stretch.

We all know that stretching improves flexibility and subsequently, range of motion. With flexibility and improved range of motion comes decreased risk of injury. Boom! There’s reason enough for me! Here are 7 quick stretches that your muscles will thank you for. Remember, you don’t have to be in the gym to do these, I often recommend that my clients perform some of these stretches in the shower, being careful not to slip, or as they are chatting it up at the water cooler.

7 stretches for any workout

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