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Many of you already know that I am planning to get married, YAY! I, like everyone else, want to look my best on my wedding day.  And, like everyone else, I needed a workout to help me reach my goal.  Few things can motivate a gal like a wedding or an invitation to one, right? That's right, even as a trainer, instructor and nutritionist, we pros have to plan our workouts to reach our goal too.

I looked at the calendar and decided, it was time. I needed a good push, but with all of the planning, shopping and pinning (yeah, I'm hooked on Pinterest too) I knew I might fall short of my goal unless I had a plan. One of the worst feelings is when you know you didn't do your best to reach your goal and you say to yourself, "I wish I had done better." Ugh.

I also knew that some days I might be short on time or I may be traveling and not have any equipment or sometimes I could be in my home gym with all of my equipment.  I designed this workout for all of those situations so that no matter what, I could still sling some sweat, get stronger and feel like I was working hard towards my goal. I plan to do this workout, or some modification of it, two to three times per week. In between, I will run, cycle, swim or do some yoga.

This workout allows me the flexibility and consistency I need to stay on track no matter what the circumstances. I can do it anywhere, without equipment or I can add some weights. It has components of plyometrics, cardio and functional muscle conditioning and strengthening. My goal is to maintain my current strength and muscle definition while trying to widdle down some of that layer of adipose tissue (classy way of saying fat). Your goals may be different, but this workout is so adaptive, that it may still serve you. If not, feel free to contact me and I am happy to make suggestions to help you or, as always, answer any questions.

Get a towel and a water bottle and your fiancé, if applicable, and get going!

7 Week Countdown

Warm Up: 1 min. each exercise in the circuit, repeat 1 time

Jumping Jacks; High Knees; Butt Kickers; Bicycle Crunches; Burpees

Workout: 30 seconds each exercise OR 10 reps each exercise complete each circuit 1 time

Elevated Push Ups (use a low bench)
Lateral Squat walks with a hop (think squat-jacks)
Tricep Bench Dips - Feet Elevated (same low bench)
Reverse Lunge Hops (think Mary Catherine Gallagher - "Superstar!")
Rolling "T" Planks

Stair Run - 1 minute

Elevated Push Up Walks (moving on the same low bench)
Crab Toe Touches - supine on hands and feet, hips up, touch opposite toe
Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift with a fingertip touch (keep your knee soft)
Ice Skaters - Yes, you ARE Apolo Ohno!
Kickboxing with Upper Cuts and Jabs (yeah, throw some punches in the air like you don't care!)  Hint: the key to these is CONTROL!

Stair Run - 1 minute

Cool Down: Do your warm up again, 1 circuit, each exercise for 30 seconds.

Stretch! Shower.

This workout is not about speed. Good form is always important so remember, safety first.  You may easily modify it to get you to your goals.

For example, do military style push ups instead of elevated ones; add a 10 lbs. dumbbell to the Rolling "T" Planks or the Romanian Deadlift; wear a weighted vest (oooh, that's wicked!) or just do it as it is written and try to complete it.  Start where you are, use what you have.  However you decide to tackle this workout, remember your goals and set your intention for each workout. Also, keep in mind it is not designed for you to crush it on the first try.


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