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In the beginning, Fitness Pros are motivated and clients are dedicated. As the months tick by, client accountability begins to fade and the pros may become less motivated. After the resolution crowd dies down, it becomes harder and harder to attract new clients. With all the extra stress and pressure to keep the client list full, it can be very easy to burnout. I usually start to fade midway through the summer with a full on burnout around thanksgiving. So what is one to do to prevent trainer burnout, stay motivated and keep your clientele happy? Follow my tips below for avoiding the dreaded trainer burnout.

Take a mental break:

I am a strong believer that mental and emotional health are just as important as physical health. If the mind isn’t happy, you can't expect the body or soul to be happy. Most pros agree that working with clients is so much more than a sweat session. It often times becomes a therapy session. In order to fully help, motivate, and inspire our clients we must keep our heads in the game.

When I find my trainer burnout creeping closer, I try to take a break from whatever is burning me out. It could be too many crack of dawn clients, too many weekend shifts, or even too many hours stuck at the gym. I always have a hard time working out at the end of my shift because sometimes I just can’t stand one more minute in the gym. Just this very week I had a case of the burnout blues. I found myself not looking forward to training one of my favorite clients. So rather than standing beside my client with the clip-board, chirping out cues, I decided to join her. I guess you could call it the gym version of follow the leader. We had so much fun working out together, sharing in the sweat and the strain. By the end of the workout I felt rejuvenated. Our workout together was a great reminder that training clients should be rewarding and FUN.

Try something new:

When the burnout blues are getting me down, I like to try something new in the hopes that it will get my trainer mojo back. I like to take different group exercise classes to learn new exercises, cues, and even music selections. Some of the best workouts combine a variety of different exercise genres.

Another option is to brush up on your professional certifications. Research new certifications that may enhance your current skills or alternative certifications that may increase your client base. New certifications always brush off the dusty cobwebs from days past. Seminars and conferences can also be a great way to reenergize your fitness passion. You can’t help but feed off those hundreds of pumped, like-minded fitness professionals.  

If new certifications or conferences aren’t your thing, try watching motivational documentaries, YouTube videos, or even subscribing to a new website. I guarantee you there is someone doing something progressive and even slightly radical somewhere on internet at all times. After all, some of the hottest trends started from a unique idea. Can’t say I would have ever imagined drumming based classes, aerial yoga, or even trampoline classes.  But, check around in your area...they're out there!

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