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Heart-Pumping Cardio

Many of you already know that I am planning to get married, YAY! I, like everyone else, want to look my best on my wedding day. And, like everyone else, I needed a workout to help me reach my goal. Few things can motivate a gal like a wedding or an invitation to one, right? That's right, even as a trainer, instructor and nutritionist, we pros have to plan our workouts to reach our goal too.

A cycling workout that promises to leave you in a puddle beside your bike! (It's been road-tested by some of my favorite class participants and they loved it!) If you don't have access to an indoor cycling bike you can use a regular stationary bike, but you may have to skip the standing positions. The music offers something for everyone. So, download the tunes, get a towel, fill your water bottle and get going!

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