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Pro Motivation

As every New Year dawns both client and Fitness Pro excitement and motivation are at their peak. Then, the enthusiasm fades and even the Fitness Pros become burned out. Here are some ideas to restore your mojo and refresh your passion.

Best Business Tips for Fitness Trainers

Fiteeza has compiled the best business tips from it's most experienced Pros. With decades in the fitness industry they’ve seen it all. Learn their favorite exercises, what they wish they knew when they started out and how to get and keep more clients. You're welcome!

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Kara Glasco, MS, RCEP, HFS

Any certified exercise professional is familiar with continuing education credits and the need to annually accumulate them. Most certifying bodies require C.E.Cs (continuing education credits); however, credits don't always transfer between different organizations. It is very important to determine if your continuing education opportunity will be recognized by your certifying organization before spending your time and money.

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