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Like most small business owners, fitness professionals often suffer financially due to the ebbs and flows of client demand.  It can be difficult when a majority of your salary flows-in during specific times of the year.  So how do you balance the crazy New Year’s ride with the slow summer sessions? 

In part one of the business stability series, I discussed strategies for keeping the business afloat.  Great strategies include planning ahead for client down time, running promotions during slow times, and cashing in on client’s kiddo needs.  In this second part, I offer alternative strategies for keeping your fitness business in the black even during those client down times.  
Think Outside the Box
Most beginning personal trainers and Exercise Instructors will tell you that they need to have two and three jobs in order to make ends meet.  Most of us aren’t as lucky as the high-end celebrity trainers of New York and Los Angelo’s raking-in the celebrity clients and six figure salaries.  Many of us have picked up hours at the local gym to keep the books balanced. 

With the ever advancing social media age, there are so many more entrepreneurial options for fitness pros.  My personal favorite way to make some extra pocket change is to write for a fitness blog (Thanks Fiteeza!).  Writing not only helps me financially but challenges me creatively.  The research makes me a more educated health professional, and I can share the things I wish I’d learned along the way.  In addition to blogging, social media can allow you to create your own personal platform to advertise your skills. I have many professional friends who have tons of followers on their Pinterest pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channels.  The possibilities are endless!!! 
Know your Market
One of the best ways to build your brand and stave-off the down time blues, is to know your client market.  What does the local clientele like, what are other pros offering, and is there a niche not being serviced? 

One thing to consider is the local sport and leisure culture of your city.  Currently in my area the brewery scene and water sports are all the rage.  Why not create a class or training camp designed to combat beer bellies and enhance kayaking skills?  Everybody loves a theme, and that could be your opportunity to cash in! 

Another possibility is to unite with your fellow, local colleagues rather than competing for clients. Create a group of fitness pros that can fill in whenever others need to take time off.  This way no one is losing clientele and you can rest assured when you need to take vacation.  A united group can also benefit by sharing clients, business app cost, cost of transportation, or even the cost of a multi-trainer website.  Going into business with other trainers or instructors can help you schedule clients that might not always fit into your schedule.  Why not hold multiple classes at one central area where multiple fitness pros can offer a variety of classes and share in equipment and transportation cost?  Sharing a website and app cost could be a great way to get your platform out to a wider variety of client while decreasing your financial burden.  Fiteeza, is just that kind of place!  Let us hear from you in the comments below about ways you would like to partner up.  

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