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Warm Up (4 mins):

Beautiful Day - U2


We Weren't Born To Follow - Bon Jovi

Seated climb @65rpms

Chorus: seated sprint @90rpms

Standing Climb @65rpms

Chorus: Standing Sprint @90rpms

Seated Flat


You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall & Oates

Jumps (2 counts standing/2 counts seated) @70rpms

Chorus: Standing Climb @70 rpms

Seated Climb @70rpms, adding resistance

Jumps @70rpms with added resistance


Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

(create Rolling Hills by alternating moves for 30 seconds each)

Seated Climb @65rpms

Add resistance, Seated Climb @65rpms

Chorus: Seated Sprint – SURGE!

Standing Climb @65rpms (added intensity)

Standing Climb @60rpms (added intensity)

Chorus: Standing Sprint – (less intensity) SURGE!

(Repeat through end of song) 


107 Degrees - Citizen Cope

2 mins. progessive Seated Climb – add resist. @ 30 second intv.

2 mins. Progressive Standing Climb – add resist. @30 second intv.

1 min. seated flat, lower intensity (catch your breath!)


Waiting on a Sunny Day - Bruce Springsteen

Jumps (2 counts standing/2 counts seated) mod. Intensity

Chorus: Standing Climb – Higher Intensity

Jumps - higher intensity

Chorus: Seated Climb – Heavy Intensity

Jumps – Higher Intensity

Seated Flat – ride it out and catch your breath!


Raise Your Glass – Pink

Standing Climb @65rpms

Chorus: Standing Sprint - blow up!

Seated Climb @65rpms

Chorus: Seated Sprint – blow up!

Seated flat – ease into cool down


Cool Down & Streching:

Harbor Lights - Bruce Hornsby

Free – Donovan Frankenreiter


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