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With Labor Day weekend coming up and the last of the summer cookouts, are you thinking about heading to the pool or the lake?  Here is a quick swim workout to kick off the fun BEFORE you have that burger.  It will help you shred some calories and get your heart pounding! (Hint: this workout also works with timed intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute instead of meters.)

Warm Up: 5 to 10 minutes
2X50m freestyle
2X50m backstroke
2X50m breaststroke
2X50m freestyle

4x50m kick (kickboard OR on back hands together above head)
4X50m freestyle with fingertip touch
4X50m kick (kickboard OR on back hands together above head)
4X50m Pull (use Pull Buoy)

(15 seconds rest between each sprint)
4X50m freestyle
4X50m backstroke
4X50m breaststroke

Cool Down:
2X50m freestyle
2X50m backstroke

Now go enjoy that burger, hot off the grill!

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