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Equipment:  Bands (medium to heavy), Body Bar 15-25 lbs., 10-15 lbs. dumbbell, Stability Ball, Yoga Mat


Warm up:  2 X  each exercise with indicated repetitions

Lateral Band Walks - band under feet, holding band by sides, 10 steps L/R,

Standing on band, Lateral Arm Raises (Thumbs up/Thumbs down), 10 reps each position

Turkish Get Ups - 4-6 each side, no weight


Workout: Superset each pairing of exercises and repeat X 3, moving slowly through each exercise


10 Each - Right foot lead, step ups w/Dumbbell Bicep Curl; Left foot lead w/Tricep extensions

10-12 - BodyBar Scoops (Body Bar at hips, arms straight, hands wide apart, squat back raising arms)


10-15 Hip Raises - back on stability ball w/body bar or dumbbells on hips

10-15 Bench Presses - back on stability ball w/body bar or dumbbells at chest


On Yoga Mat:

10 Reverse Crunches  

10 Right Side Plank Crunches (elbow to knee)

10 Plank Up/downs (alt. high/low plank position)

10 Left Side Plan Crunches (elbow to knee)




Cool Down: Walking & Stretching

Do this workout three times per week to get prepared for your best bikini season evahhhhh!

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