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 “Have A Ball” Workout
Equipment: Stability Ball & Mat  
Warm Up:
(30 secs. - 1 min. each exercise)
Seated on ball - shoulder rolls, forward/back, seesaws
Rock Hips forward and back rolling up on heels then toes
Rock Hips side to side & see saw arms
Bulls eyes – swirl hips around in both directions
Alt. knee lifts with overhead presses
(3 sets each exercise; 10-12 reps)
Ball Bridges – feet on ball
Reverse Curls – ball between ankles
Back Extensions – feet pressed against wall
Prone leg lifts – legs wide, ankles together, knees bent
Push ups
Decline crunches
Backstrokes – seated on ball
Tricep Dips – ball pressed against wall
Cool Down Stretches:
(hold each stretch 20-30 secs. repeat X2)
Seated, fold ribs over thighs, rest hands on ankles/shins
Tricep Stretch – seated
Supported forward bend – roll head towards floor, arms open
On knees, ball to chest, chin resting on ball, hug the ball - it’s your friend!
Nice Job!

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