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Most health and fitness professionals will agree that every food is allowed as long as it is in moderation. Desserts are no exception as long as you consume them infrequently. So what if desserts are your thing, your craving, your nightly must have, or the thing you dream about?

Personally I can’t relate to this because I am a salty/crunchy girl.  I would give my right arm for a potato chip. My husband on the other hand loves his nightly sugar-fix so I have had to find ways to keep our sweets stock a little healthier. I would rather him grab something out of our pantry than hit the drive thru or cookie aisle. Follow my tips below for creating healthier sweets to satisfy your craving.

Deconstruct It

When it comes to fitting dessert into your healthy lifestyle, I like to think about how I can recreate all the yummy flavors. Not all dessert can be, or deserve to be, slimmed-downed or recreated. Mile high apple pie or triple chocolate sea salt caramel brownies should just be left alone (remember that moderation thing?). I can’t even begin to think how to make that type of decadent treat, low calorie or nearly as tasty.

On the other hand, there are endless desserts that can be reinvented and made deliciously healthy. My favorite hands down dessert is cherry pie. I even had this beauty at my wedding. I like to take my favorite parts of a dessert and highlight the good stuff while decreasing the calorie laden stuff.

The crust is the first thing to go when I transform a dessert. Crust is fat, carbs, and sugar. All of those things I would rather have in another more delicious form such as ICE CREAM! Why not make a delicious pie filling, top it with a nice crumble, and finish it with some low calorie whipped cream. All the fabulous flavors without all the extra calories and sugar.

Cheesecake is another thing that can be modified and still be delicious. A cheesecake mousse topped with fresh strawberries and crumbled graham crackers is downright decadent without all the fat calories of a traditional cheesecake.

Recipe Swap Ideas

Slimming down desserts may be intimidating, but as long as the substitutions resemble the traditional ingredients it can actually be easy. Use some of these healthy swaps when creating a delicious and low calorie desserts.

  • Use low-fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in recipes
  • Sprinkle granola or homemade crumble on top instead of a crust
  • Transform baked desserts into mousse, pudding, or parfaits
  • Bake fruit (stone fruit, apples, and pears) with apple pie seasoning
  • Make low-carb desserts such as flourless chocolate cake
  • Dip fresh fruit in flavored yogurt, sugar free pudding, or Nutella
  • Use fresh fruit to create your own healthy popsicles
  • Make “ice cream” out of frozen bananas
  • Use chia seeds to make healthy and flavorful puddings
  • Try chocolate protein smoothies  instead of chocolate milkshakes
  • Make protein balls with oats, coconut, nut butter, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and protein powder

Try to come up with your own ideas by deconstructing the traditional ingredients in your favorite dessert. And, PLEASE, share your best recipes with your friends at Fiteeza.

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