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As many of you know, Fiteeza attended it’s first Trade Show at the DCAC 2016 Fitness Convention, YAY!  Wow, am I exhausted!  Not so much from the long days, setting up/taking down and lugging around of T-shirts, Therabands, and Banners, but more from the endless energy, inspiring enthusiasm and genuine camaraderie we experienced.  It was palpable and apparently transportable because I have been charged up this week like a Zumba Instructor on Javazen (what’s Javazen?  One of the many new friends of Fiteeza, check it out

So let’s start with the friendships, Fiteeza’s favorite neighbors at the trade show were some awesome ladies at Superfun Yoga Pants  ( and Mizani Fitness (  Thanks for making us feel welcome and for sharing your inspiring stories.   Besides introducing the conference attendees to Fiteeza, meeting these ladies was the highlight of our experience. 

We also met Tim at who fitted us up for some sweet running and training shoes, on sale (I know right? Nothing is better than new pair of kicks ON SALE!)  Not only did we get to see, get fitted for and try-on these awesome shoes at 361, but we leaned about the design, construction and features of the shoes.  Again, ON SALE just because we were attending the  #DCAC2016!

Then, there are the things we learned.  Like how helpful it is to have something to haul your stuff from the booth to your hotel room every day.  We had a foldable cart that made life and lugging so much easier.  You can get one too  Whether you are hauling equipment from the gym to your client’s home or to your next group ex class, this cart is a necessity!  And, it’s a steal at under $40…seriously, get one!

It’s also a good idea to put your convention swag into plastic bins for easy storage and maneuverability.  The fabulous guys at Proper Tops (thanks Ken & Ken, Jr.) not only made the coolest t-shirts at the convention for Fiteeza (see photo), but they were spot-on when they stored them all in the bins.  These guys are so organized, they even marked the bins with the gender/size inside.  (high-five!)

One tip for future conferences, try to find out what the gender ratio is for attendees, not just the total expected.  We ordered equal numbers of men’s and women’s shirts, but we mostly only needed women’s shirts for this conference.  Also, don’t over-think size options, like we did.  Order only two sizes per gender, like Men’s Large/X-Large and Women’s Medium/Large.  If the women’s shirts run small, another good question to ask, then consider ordering only Large/X-Large.  That’s what we handed out and we have a lot of leftovers!  (Spoiler Alert:  These will make great family Christmas gifts!)  

It also helped that I had stocked up on some basic office supplies (tape, binder clips, rubber bands, etc.).  And, I made name badge stickers with the Fiteeza logo and our representatives names (again, see photo of my BFF Lisa & me).  This helped identify us to the public and made us look super-official (or super-silly because sometimes we forgot to take them off when we went to get food, caffeine or snacks).  

I also purchased custom Therabands from (again, see photo).  They were easy to work with, coached me through selecting inks and products for our logo art and they shipped directly to my door.  The bands looked great and were a huge hit at the convention!  I mean, who doesn’t like a travel band?  Also, that cart I mentioned, helped us tote two boxes of bands, everyday and did I mention how heavy a full box of Therabands is? 

We also gave away some cool stickers with motivational fitness phrases on them (Did ya see the photo? Last time, I promise).  They said things like, “I bend so I don’t break,” (all of the Yogi’s loved those) and “sweat is fat crying."  All made by Sticker Mule, also good to work with and quickly shipped directly to me.  (Bonus: if you follow us on Instagram you can see the stickers because they were identical to our posters).

One thing, that looked great, but was an unnecessary expense, were our Fiteeza post cards.  They had great photos and fitness tips from our Blog about "Group Ex" and "Client Retention.”  They printed up nicely and were a designed as a handout, but if we needed to cut the budget, these could have been left on the drafting table.  Though, I will find another use for the leftovers…count on it!

Finally, we could NOT have made an impact at this conference without our beautiful banners (you know what to do here)!  Thanks to Michelle at who is not only amazing to work with, but she always has a depth of great design and business marketing ideas in her well of expertise.  Not only did she design the Fiteeza banners, but she also handled the printing process (because I don’t speak printer) and all I had to do was pick them up. 

P.S. She also designed our stickers, t-shirts, bands, postcards, website, Instagram posters, marketing strategies, and on and on.  Michelle makes Fiteeza’s words pretty with her graphic designs, photos and layouts.  The cohesive look of our booth would not have come about were it not for her…now if only she could do something with my hair!
Then, there was YOU, the fabulous fitness friends who signed up for Fiteeza!  Thank you for your interest, support and for signing up.  We are gaining momentum and we want to take you along with us.  If you haven’t already, please Like and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   Also, we want to hear from you, so don’t be shy!  Send us some feedback and tell us what tools you need to help your fitness business succeed! 

So, attending a fitness conference has a lot of advantages for you and your business.  Not only do you get great deals on fitness products, find cute apparel and get inspiration from other fitness businesses, but you meet awesome folks who are in the gyms and studios calling out the cues and instructions in time with the beat to keep us all movin’ and sweating’.  These are the folks that Fiteeza is designed for, those women and men who are giving out their passion, their time and their expertise.  We are in awe!

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