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The Fiteeza profile is your space to promote your expertise.  You get to tell potential clients, 24/7, in your own words, how fabulous you are and what you can offer them as a Fitness Pro.  Whether you’re training, instructing or consulting about fitness, exercise or nutrition, you have to clearly tell clients about your KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)!!

How?  First, log in to Fiteeza and click on the Dashboard button on the top right.  Then, click on the Profile option and post a picture of yourself, (say cheeeeez!).   Now, clients can see what you look like so when you’re contacted and you set up a meeting, they know who to look for.  Next, click on all of your certifications in the list provided.  Don’t see your certification listed?  Add it in the “Other” box and be specific.  Then, click on any areas you specialize in, whether it is Senior Fitness, Special Populations, or Endurance Athletes.  Clients looking for various specialities can search the directory for YOU based on the ones you select, so this one is muy importante!

While you’re in the Profile page, include your cell phone number and an email address.  Some clients will want to talk to you, but others will want to email first.  Clients have the option to email you through Fiteeza's server, so be sure to double check that contact information for accuracy.  HINT: depending on your email server, Fiteeza notifications and emails may end up in your Spam or Junk folders.  Don’t miss that next opportunity due to a digital boondoggle…troubleshoot that craziness and add Fiteeza to your contacts! 

Another key piece of information on the Profile page is your city and state.  Potential clients can search on those key pieces of information to find YOU in the Fiteeza Directory.   The directory is searchable by BOTH city or state, so don’t omit either.
Next, complete your Bio.  This is where you get to tell potential clients about yourself, 24/7, in your own words.  You can write about how you have assisted other clients (not by name) and yhe ways you helped them succeed.  You can offer a “free 30 minute” consultation in this space as well (HINT: Consultations can be done by Skype, FaceTime to save time and resources).  You can also say that you will offer references, upon request.   If you offer group rates or other special pricing package, mention that here too.  Another idea is to offer a reduced rate or package of sessions for any client who finds you on Fiteeza.  Get creative here folks to really stand out!

On the “Connect” portion of your profile, you can list your Facebook page, Website, Instagram account and so forth.  This is where clients can go and find out even more about how awesome you are!  By The Way, if you do have a social media account, "like" and "follow" Fiteeza so when you’re the Featured Pro, you can show all of your friends and future clients.  I promise Fiteeza will "like" and "follow" you back!

Now, on to the “Media” section of your Profile.  If you have a video or photo of yourself training, teaching or consulting, put it here!  If you don’t have a video, make one on YouTube.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or even very long.  Talk to your potential client, introduce yourself, tell her what you’re special skills are or how you can help her reach her fitness goals.  Remember those KSAs?  This is your space to “show and tell” your next client about them. 

Remember, nothing will work unless you do!  So, take a few minutes and put a little effort into your Fiteeza Profile.  We promise you will get a lot more out of it.  We’re here to do the heavy-lifting, but you have to equip your profile with the basics.  We’re also here to help, email us at if you get stuck.  Or, scroll to the bottom of your profile and click on “contact us.”  It’s really that simple. 

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