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Do you know what to look for in a qualified and knowledgeable Fitness Pro?  The Fiteeza Directory is loaded with so many awesome choices, but if you don’t know who or what you’re looking for, it can be difficult to select a Pro, much less hire one.   Here are a few tips and hints for reaching out to a Fiteeza Pro and taking the first step towards realizing your fitness goals.

First, think about where you would like to work with the Pro.  Do you want someone to come to your home?  Would you rather go to a private studio?  Maybe you want to meet your pro in a public park?  Once you have decided where you want to workout, you need to think about the time and day.  Perhaps you would want a weekday morning or evening?  

Once you determine the where and when, you will want to find a Pro that matches the where part of the puzzle.  Not all Personal Trainers meet clients in private studios or in your home.  Some will want to meet in public spaces like parks or a local track facility.  Others, may want you to come to their studio or to join the gym where they are employed and can offer you a special rate.  If you’re already a member of a gym, but are interested in hiring a trainer, inquire within, but still consider some of the points mentioned here to find a good match.  

Next, think about your goals.  Do you want to lose weight?  Are you planning to compete in a race? a triathlon?  Are you hoping to get stronger or perhaps you are struggling to come back from an injury?  Search the Fiteeza Directory of Pros for those who state they have specialities or expertise that align with your goals.
So, now you may have decide on a Pro you want to contact, but what do you ask them?  First, click on the "contact" button in the Pro's Fiteeza Profile.  Next, communicate your goals, days/times and place you want to meet with him.  Provide your contact information so the Pro can respond.   When you get a response, ask him about his rate and whether he is offering any specials.  Ask whether he has references to offer.  Contacting references is a great way to hear from a satisfied client about how awesome this Fitness Pro is and how he helped his client reach her goals.   Also, ask what types of assessments he will use to determine the intensity level at which you should begin and ways he may help you progress after that.  

If you’re still unsure, ask whether he would be willing to interview with you at a public space, like Starbucks or Panera.  You can ask specific questions about how he would help you to meet your goals and how many other clients he has helped with similar ones.  You could also ask about whether he would be willing to offer a free session for a shorter duration, just to give you an idea about his training or instructing style.  You could also ask if he has a video you could watch on YouTube that demonstrates his skills or style when training, instructing or consulting with clients.  

Now that you are equipped with the “how”, it’s just a matter of “when.”  That my friend depends on how serious you are about your goals.  I have never met anyone who regretted making the investment in herself by hiring a fitness professional.  Get started today! 

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