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Day 1

Warm Up: 5 minutes on Rower, treadmill or bike 
Bench Press 4 sets X 8-10reps (45-75 lbs.)
Assisted Pull-Ups 4 X 6-10
KB swings 4 X 8-10 (35-50 lbs. KB)
Walking Lunges w/Med. ball OH Press (12 lbs.)
4 sets X 20 steps Superman’s 4 X 30 secs.

Day 2

Speed work on Treadmill – 20 to 30 minutes
Warm Up: 2 minutes jog/walk (speed 3.5-4.0)
30 seconds sprint progressions every 90 seconds (start at 5.0 for 30 seconds; return to jog for 90 seconds; go to 5.5 for 30 seconds; return to jog for 90 seconds repeat X 10-15 times)

Day 3

Warm Up: Stairs – 5 mins. up and down to get the heart pumping
Walking MB Squats w/triceps dip 4 sets X 20 steps (12 lbs. MB)
Push Ups 4 X 10
Body Bar Split Squat 4 X 8-10 ea. leg (18-24 lbs. BB)
Stability Ball Bridges 4 X 10
Bicycles 4 X 30 secs.

Your clients will be dripping with sweat and thinking you're you da best! 

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