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Many clients and even some fitness professional feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in that needed workout.  Most of us don’t have a real excuse since exercise can be incorporated into just about any facet of your day.  I have written articles about how to stay active at your desk and even ways to build exercise into your day.

Experts recommend 30 minutes of physical activity daily, however, all of your activity doesn’t have to be done at one time.  I have suggested three sessions of 10 minutes, six sessions of five minutes, or even 10 sessions of three minutes.  Breaking your activity up can really enhance your mental clarity, relieve stress, and even prevent injury.  Follow these suggestions for combining your workout with your work day.

Meetings and Muscles

Meetings tend to take up the majority of an office worker’s daily schedule.  This can wreak havoc on our bodies after one too many hours sitting in the chair.  With the office culture gradually changing, many fortune 500 companies have started offering fitness services to their employees.  I have heard of some companies offering early morning tai chi, lunch time yoga, and evening dance classes for their employees.  All of these services aim to improve company morale, employee health, and individual enjoyment.  Some companies are even adding games to the workplace such as racquetball courts, bowling alleys, table tennis, and areas dedicated to traditional board games.

If your company doesn’t offer these amazing services, you too can add a little fitness into your mountains of meetings.  Suggest that co workers arrive five minutes early for a few stretches and exercises to center everyone’s focus.  Shoulder rolls, ankle rotations, shoulder stretches, and chest stretches can all be done while waiting for everyone to arrive.  After a few hours of meetings, more advanced exercises may be needed to get the blood flowing and the brain functioning.  Basic exercises such as body weight squats, stationary lunges, desk pushups, or even tricep dips can all be done in a conference room.  Try doing a few sets during hourly breaks, take a few laps around the hall after lunch, or even have staff members lead stretching sessions.  Another suggestion is to watch a yoga or stretching video online, and do segments of the video every hour over the course of the meeting.  Three minutes of yoga before a meeting, on hourly breaks, and as a wrap up will keep the body loose, improve mental clarity, and can increase work productivity.

Breaking up the Workday

The fitness culture must evolve as the corporate culture and employee demands evolve.  Many of the largest worldwide companies are moving away from business attire and towards a “think tank environment.”  Last time I checked, I would rather brainstorm in yoga pants than in pressed slacks.  With more creativity in the workplace, meetings have started to evolve as well.  Many professionals choose to hold meetings outside the workplace and not in that typical restaurant scene. If you have the ability to hold meeting in a creative environment, try doing something that relates to your profession.  Try taking a yoga, cycle, or cross fit class to research the youth health scene.  If urban development is your genre, conduct a planning meeting while biking through the area rather than looking at pictures in the boardroom.

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