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Sometimes, I get a little bored with my workouts.  It is during those times that I get creative.  I like sequencing various yoga poses in different ways that challenge my strength and balance.  Here is one of my favorites! (If you have ever taken my class, you will recognize it).

On your yoga mat, perform poses in order, holding each for 20 to 45 seconds. Repeat the sequence for each side of the body (twice).  Remember to breathe and settle into each pose.  Get ready to challenge your muscles in a different way!

Begin in Tadasana - feet grounded into your mat
Inhale arms overhead and exhale arms by your sides
Bend at the hips allowing fingertips to reach the mat

Hop/walk feet back into
Downward Dog

Three-Legged Dog

Standing Crescent Lunge

Standing Head to Knee

Warrior II

Side Angle

Warrior III


Chair Pose

Fold over bringing fingertips to the mat and Squat/hop back into
Downward Dog

Repeat the sequence leading with the opposite leg.  That’s 1, repeat 2-4 times and get the body warm.  Then, come down to your mat and try this sequence:

Bridge Pose

Boat Pose

Repeat X 3

Around the World Planks - High or Low Plank/Side Plank/Incline Plane/Side Plank



Repeat X 2 ea. direction (clockwise/counterclockwise rotation)

You can follow the photos associated with each pose or, you can check out this instructional video! 

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