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When I first sat down to write this article, I almost wasn’t sure where to start.  I am an old t-shirt and boring shorts kind of gal with not a single thing matching.  I am going to sweat like crazy if it is a good workout, and why get something so cute all sweaty?  Then I started thinking about my winter wear and how my wardrobe changes with the season.  I actually do care about the function and fit of winter workout clothes.  (Sadly, I still don’t match a darn thing).  I love to be active outside and there is nothing better than a run in the crisp air.  But, an old college hoodie just won’t due when running all those miles in the cold.  Below are some things to consider when selecting your outdoor winter workout clothes this season.    

Layer Up

Everyone knows the importance of layers especially when exercising outside.  Too few or too many can make an outdoor workout downright miserable.  Have you ever put too many layers on the top that you are overheating while your posterior feels like an iceberg?  Don’t forget to give you glutes some layer love too!  I generally like to select a mid-weight fabric for my layers since they provide warmth without too much bulk.  For my outer most layers, I usually go up one size for extra layering room and a more comfortable fit. One of my biggest shirt pet peeves is enough underarm room.  I am no bodybuilder, but enough underarm room is essential for layering.  No one wants to look like the overstuffed kid in that famous Christmas movie who can’t put their arms down.   

Top-Notch Tops

Bright colors are not just fashionable but can help you stay safe when exercising outdoors.  Some outfits even build in reflective fabrics, which can make you even more visible to drivers.  Small pockets are definitely a must when selecting your stylish workout wear. A small pocket to fit a few tissues, house key, or even your lip balm can make your outdoor workout much more enjoyable.  I am still on the fence with built in thumbholes in tops and jackets.  Depending on the fit of the top, thumbholes can either be too loose or too tight on your hands making for an awkward fit.  Most of the time, I just end up rolling the sleeves up as I heat up making thumbholes totally pointless.  Vests with free arm motion are always nice and most come in a variety of densities from light weight to goose down for extra warmth.  


When trying to exercise outdoors this season, don’t forget the accessories to keep your extremities warm.  Heat leaves the body quickest through our heads, and a proper hat can keep you warm in addition to protecting your ears.  Another option is a winter headband and some even have ponytail holes built in.  Gloves with touch technology so you can use your smartphone on the go are an absolute must this winter.  No longer do you need to shove your gloves in your mouth, freeze your fingers off, and struggle with your phone in the cold.  Depending on your climate and length you plan on exercising outdoors, face masks and neck gaiters might also be useful. Neck gaiters are great because they keep the neck warm without all the extra bulk of a scarf.

With all of these great suggestions for keeping warm during winter workouts, there are no excuses!

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