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A Product Review by Guest Blogger

Lisa Jameson, BS, CPT

**This product review is unsolicited by the manufacturer.  Fiteeza does not receive any compensation for this post and is not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer. 

Bee Better.  That’s the message the Bombas socks deliver every time you slip their cozy comfort on your feet.  They deliver an altruistic promise that not only will your feet be wrapped in comfort, but that the purchase of your socks will be helping someone in need which is doubly comforting. For every pair you purchase, one pair is donated to a homeless shelter. Socks are the #1 requested item at homeless shelters which is the driving force behind Bombas’ mission making these great gifts to yourself as a hard-on-your-feet fitness pro as well as a cozy treat for your client for working hard or reaching a milestone.  Every time your clients slip these socks on their feet, they will think of you and “bee” reminded to “bee better.”

The story behind Bombas. Bombas is derived from the latin word for bumble bee. The concept is based on the idea that bees work together in their hive to make their world a better place.  It is Bombas’ hope that small changes contribute to bigger differences. This is a great concept to introduce in your training as we are working together using small changes to create the best version of our clients.
Besides the feel good part of the socks, the socks are just awesome!

Bombas delivers socks that are thick, warm, well made and durable.  I am famous for putting holes in my socks, but I feel like I would have to wear these socks for years before I saw a hole in them.  They feel very durable and the two years of research and development to create the best material for the socks definitely has paid off!   Because they are so thick, they might not be the best socks to wear on a hot day, but definitely the socks to put on your feet after a hard workout.   They are also great for working out in the cold or just for casual wear. The socks are offered in a variety of colors, patterns and heights. Check out the fun  leopard print, camo and tie dye as well as the many bright colors and space dye varieties. These socks are super cool to sport and promote. I have given them away as incentive prizes for fitness and cycling challenges and they are a hit!

The cost.  
Bombas socks are not cheap.  They typically start at $10.50 for one pair of no show socks and $12 for one pair of ankle socks. They offer discounts in bundles which is appealing especially considering you will probably fall in love with one pair and want more anyway.  The discount also helps with giving them away to multiple clients. Bombas also offers a 20% discount on your first purchase which is a nice incentive to give them a try! 


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