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The Political Candidate’s Workout

We at Fiteeza couldn't resist the opportunity to dive into the taboo subject of politics!  This no- equipment, high-intensity, circuit workout is perfect for hitting the road or at campaign headquarters.  Give it a try before you head out to vote, attend a campaign rally or a celebratory victory party.  Then, let us know if any candidate can meet the challenge!

Warm Up: 30 seconds, each exercise; X 2 Circuits

Jumping Jacks – conditioning for jumping on bandwagons

High Knees– to increase your tolerance for inflated egos

Burpees – because everyone hates a burpee

Mountain Climbers – distinguishing which candidate should “take a hike!”

Butt Kickers – everyone knows a good butt kickin’ when they see it

Workout Circuit#1: Go through each exercise in order listed X2

6 Turkish Get Ups (3 ea. side) – your foreign policy prep

20 Pushups – to assist you with party push-back

15 Lateral Lunges ea. Leg – training you to “reach across the isle”

Tricep Bench Dips – stabilizing dips as part of your economic policy

1 minute Stair Run – conditioning for dodging the press

1 minute break – opportunity to practice that hurried up water-gulp

Workout Circuit #2: Go through each exercise in order listed X2

30 second Wall Squat – Drop it, like a Squat

10 Plank Walkouts – establishing your labor-relations policy

15 Ice Skaters – with hopes of never being on thin ice

10 Elbow Plank Up/Downs - toughening up those elbows for lots of rubbing

1 minute Step Ups – because “Man-Up” is no longer PC


You’re Done…just in time to make those “Thank you” calls!

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