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As business constantly evolves so too must the startup fitness-business model.  Long gone are the days of cash only payments that aren’t completely reported to, you know who. With so many different apps, products, and services available, it can be overwhelming when picking the right service for your small business.  Your client’s ease of use could also be a determining factor in deciding which service to use.  If your client can’t pay you easily, then what’s the point? 

In addition to payments, fitness professionals must consider the app’s ability to store client data, appointment reminders, charge for late or no show clients, and much more. In the next three blog posts, I will review and highlight the pros and cons of various fitness professional services for small business owners.  
This cloud based website and mobile app is designed to make running your daily fitness business easy.  The initial website is fairly simplistic, but boasts to keep trainers more organized and on top of their earnings. Online customer support promises to guide trainers through website setup with free appointments for website tutorials.  

Appointments:  calendar scheduling, online class bookings, and reminder services
Client payment: payment and invoice services, credit and debit services, packages and memberships available for clients 

Other Perks: Multiple trainers and staff options, free online support, monthly earning reports, and allows trainers to create a custom website for their business
Cost: $0.00/mo. (2 clients, 1 trainer, all features) or $33.00/mo. (unlimited clients, multiple trainers, all features)
Timely is a personal training scheduling software system designed to make scheduling and business administration a breeze.  This service works in the cloud, and can help trainers manage their classes, sessions, and much more with just one service.  All services are available on your phone or device to making it easy to track your business just about anywhere. One noteworthy downside is the amount of additional fees for basic business services such as client messaging.

Appointments: calendar scheduling, online class booking, reminder service

Client payment: packages and memberships available for clients

Other Perks: unlimited services, products, appointments, customers and admin users for all plans, unlimited access from any device, automatic backups, and free customer support.

Cost: 30 day free trial, $19.00/mo. (1 trainer), $9.00/mo./trainer (additional trainers), $100.00/mo. (unlimited trainers), additional add-on fees for client messaging, accounting, payment processing, email marketing, quickbooks, website management, and google calendar/contact synchronization.
Trainer Fu:
Trainer Fu is an app for both trainers and their clients, which allows easier access to trainers and client data. This app is available on any device and boasts to keep in-person clients engaged with homework assignments.  This app has a huge exercise database, allows trainers to create their own exercises, has customizable training templates, and plans can easily be sent through email.  The major downside to this app is the need to sign up for the free trial in order to get all the information on the app. 

Appointments: automated attendance reminders, sign up for the free trial for more information.

Client payment: referral programs for current clients, in-app promotions and deals for clients, Facebook promotions to gain more clients, sign up for the free trial for more information. 

Other Perks: Food tracking, assessment tracking, workout tracking, client news feed access, in-app chat feature for easy communication, client rewards system based on achievements.

Cost: 21 day free trial, $29.00/mo. (20 clients, all features, email support, non branded), $59.00/mo. (60 clients, all features, email support, non branded), $99.00 (unlimited clients, custom branding, all features, phone support) $119.00/mo. (200 clients, all features, phone support, non branded).

If you have ever used or are currently using any of these apps or services, Fiteeza would love to hear about it!  Just comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

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