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Instructor's Tips for Great Group-Ex

  • Explain the class format especially if there are new participants, if this is the first time teaching a specific group or location.
  • Plan your class in advance, don't "wing-it."  Cue sheets are helpful for those moments when you draw a blank or you are interrupted.
  • Arrive to your class early.  Get equipment set up and get mentally prepared.
  • Start with a proper warm-up.  
  • Give clear instruction and demonstration.  Also, if you're demonstrating a movement, be sure to face the same direction as the class.
  • Choose music that is appropriate and motivating.  If you're teaching in a corporate setting, choosing music that does not have expletives is best.
  • Keep it fresh by intermittently incorporating new exercises or techniques, but keep it simple.
  • Try out new exercises before the class.  Always, always, always try it before you teach it.
  • Create an enthusiastic atmosphere. Get excited! Enjoy your time to instruct and give positive energy to those who need it.
  • Give the participants an opportunity to ask questions or offer feedback.  Feedback is a gift!
  • Depending on the type of class, encourage participants to go at his/her own pace.  Create a noncompetitive atmosphere.
  • Encourage good form, check for it periodically and let you participants know up front why this is important.
  • Keep the equipment/studio area clean and neat.  Equipment should be kept well organized and returned to its proper space when the class is over.
  • Include a proper cool-down.
  • Show modifications and give several alternatives without using the words ‘’beginner, advanced’’ etc. Perhaps say, “to increase/decrease the intensity.”
  • Create a “WOW” experience. Make it fun and get excited about what you asking participants to do. Make your class the highlight of their day.
  • Consistency and variety are key.  Make sure participants know what to expect from your class format and you as an instructor. This will ease their fears. At the same time, incorporate variety. So, when they miss your class they will feel like they missed out!
  • Make each person feel special. Pay attention to the quiet ones too! Remind them of how great they are doing and thank them for taking your class.
  • When you can, give them something special.  I once attended a cycling class and at the end, the instructor passed out ice-cold, damp cloths during the cool-down.  
  • Relax, be genuine and be yourself.  If you make a mistake, keep going.  Most likely, the only person who will know it, is you.

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