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Warm Up:  (1 minute each exercise)  Walking Lunges;  Mountain Climbers; Alternating Step Ups; Boxer Squat Punches (Cross punch as you raise out of squat)

Equipment: 8-10 lbs. Medicine Ball, yoga mat

Workout circuit #1: Perform 10 - 12 reps of each exercise, repeat circuit 1 or 2 times

Squat Chops – move medicine ball high/low diagonally across body as you squat, first upper left/low right then opposite

Push ups – one hand on the medicine ball, push up and repeat on opposite side

Seated Tricep Overhead Extensions – extend medicine ball from back of head to above your head

Ride stationary or indoor cycling bike, alternating 1 minute sprints (90+ rpms – seated) with 1 minute climbs (65-70 rpms – standing or seated) for 5 minutes

Workout Circuit #2:

Planks with Leg Lift – in plank position on elbows, alternating leg raises holding 20 each seconds, complete 5 reps each leg

Medicine Ball Camels – on knees, holding medicine ball extended at chest level, lean torso back and hold for 15 seconds.  Relax, then holding medicine ball extended overhead, lean torso back and hold for 15 seconds.  Repeat each position twice

Treadmill Sprint Intervals – 1 minute sprinting alternating 1 minute recovery jog for 10 minutes total.  To add additional punishment, try increasing the speed of your sprint interval.

Stretching: 30 seconds each pose, each side of the body

Standing Triangle Pose

Squatting inner Thigh stretch

Hurdler’s stretch

Standing Forehead to knee

Standing Wide Foreward Bend

Standing Crossbar stretch – interlace fingers above head, lean to each side

Tricep Stretch

Shoulder Rolls – forward and backward

Standing Pigeon

Standing Quad stretch 

Stick a fork in me...I am done!

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