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Lisa Jameson, BS, CPT

Orangetheory Fitness

The concept:  “Afterburn,” taken from the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Using heart rate monitors, the goal is to maintain your heart rate in an orange zone for as much of the class as you can in hopes of continuing to burn calories at a higher rate for 36 hours after the workout. Your name and heart rate are displayed on a giant screen in the studio with heart rates being color coded based on your zone.    Classes are divided into treadmill, rower and strength training sections. (Bikes are also available in place of treadmills). There is a goal for each cardio and strength segment. The coach explains the workout and keeps track of time and helps motivate you along the way.

Most beneficial for: Clients who are generally fit, motivated by heart rate feedback and knowing how many calories they burned or those who have a high-level of motivation but need some direction for their workout.  Also benefical for clients who like variety or who like to get both cardio and strength training in one workout.

Cost/Equipment needed:  A variety of monthly membership plans are offered from a range of $59 to around $200, but single classes can be purchased. A single drop-in class for a non-member is around $28. First class is free once you sign up online. Heart rate monitors are provided.  You are asked to arrive extra early for the first class to get a tour and an explanation on how the class works.

Les Mills Body Pump

The concept:   Using high volume of reps with light to moderate weights (“The Rep Effect”).  Classes are set to music and runs through a full body workout using group exercise barbells.  The classes are pre-choreographed full body strength workouts set to specific tracks of music. The workout is consistent from class to class until there is a new workout released.  Bench press, deadlifts, rows, lunges, squats and all the exercises in between are used for a massive amount of reps.

Most benefical for: Clients who have a general level of fitness and demonstrate good strength training form and posture, but are NOT trying to gain strength.  Also, best for clients who have experience with higher volume workouts and who don’t have any joint issues.

Cost/Equipment needed:  Often classes are free with a gym membership and all equipment is provided.  Participants will need to bring a water bottle, a sweat towel and a cool workout outfit to show off the pump they will have in their muscles!


The concept:  "POUND® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.”  It  incorporates cardio, strength, yoga and pilates movements with lightly weighted drumsticks and is choreographed to music creating a fun, rhythmic and energizing class.  Creating sound and rhythm with the drumsticks seems to make participants work a little harder.

Most beneficial for:  All levels of fitness especially clients who desire the “fun” aspect in a class and anyone motivated by a drum beat. A fun option for clients looking for a different type of workout.

Cost/Equipment needed:  Typically these classes are included with a commercial gym membership but are also offered in boutique studios with options of a drop in rate, membership rates with contracts and multiple and unlimited class passes. Expect to pay around $15- $20 for a single drop-in class at a boutique studio.  Drumsticks are provided for participants.  A Pound workout DVD is available on amazon and includes the drumsticks for around $40 from amazon. 

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