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“Trust the process of life” Louise L. Hay

Ange Stopperan

Windsor, CO


Ange creates an open environment where students feel at home, have fun, play and grow in their own practice. Ange blends deeply integrated alignment principles with fluid vinyasa, creating a practice full of intention and self-cultivated strength. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies and practice in an authentic way. She believes that when we embody our Yoga practice in this manner, we create a deep awareness of the body, mind and spirit – using the tools that we cultivate on the mat to support our life off the mat. Ange is continually inspired everyday by the human spirit, she is passionate about helping individuals align with their true north, find bliss, balance and shine their light through her mentoring program.

Ange’s first adventure onto the mat began in 2001 here in Colorado. She instantly knew that someday she’d want to teach, and in 2012 she completed that goal and received her RYT 200hr. through Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta, GA. Ange continued to work with Peachtree as a mentor in their 200 hr. teacher trainings, until moving back to Colorado in 2014.
Ange is also a certified SUP (stand-up paddle board) Yoga instructor and co-owner of Old Town Paddle Board. Ange discovered SUP Yoga when she was on vacation in California. She decided to combine yoga with her love of water and completed her certification to teach SUP Yoga through Paddle Board Bliss teacher training. Ange is excited to bring SUP Yoga into the community.

Off the mat Ange loves the adventure of the mountain, is a nature girl at heart, a stay-at-home mom of one, goal coach and mentor.

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