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fiteeza's guide for personal trainers

Get the advice, inspiration and guidance you need to build your fitness business and find your dream job in the fitness and wellness industry.

Fiteeza CEO, Katherine Gomez Nelson, offers advice from her years of experience in fitness and wellness.

Learn how she began in her private studio and transitioned into Corporate Fitness. This “How-To” guide includes: finding and leasing studio space, determining costs and making money, checklists for emergency preparedness and maintaining safety in the gym. Gain access to amazing resources with downloadable templates to help in business planning, client financial agreements, medical history and releases, body composition records, class registration and more!

Katherine also shares insights from her colleagues and mentors. Whether you teach group exercise classes or train clients in homes, commercial gyms or private studios, Insider's Sweat is designed to help you avoid mistakes and build a solid and loyal client base.

Insider's Sweat is Fiteeza’s guide to setting up, transitioning or enhancing your fitness business. It helps you decide whether corporate or commercial gyms are right for you. It offers tips on finding employment opportunities and marketing yourself to potential clients.

If you want more income and satisfaction as a personal trainer or group exercise instructor, this guide will help you promote yourself, develop a client base, enhance your reputation and increase your earnings.



inside the fitness trainer guide

  • Ways to build a solid client base and stabilize your cash flow. 
  • Hints and strategies from seasoned fitness professionals to help you quickly build your business and gain experience.
  • Find out which CEUs are best for your business, how to seamlessly administer fitness assessments and ways to hit refresh when you're struggling with burnout.  
  • How to get more out of your clients without compromising safety and tips for teaching fantastic group exercise. 
  • Packed with nuggets of wisdom and habits you can incorporate into your own business or career that will save you time, energy and money and mostly, regret!

Whether you're just starting out in your fitness career or you're ready to upgrade your business, Insider's Sweat provides the insight and tools to help you market your services, build your reputation and demonstrate your expertise.