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  • Blank Workout Card
    This template is a quick and simple tool for Fitness Pros and Clients to keep an accurate log of workouts. Print it out, fill it in with the exercises, weight and sets/reps you prescribe and add any notes/goals to prompt or direct your client in your absence. Then, your clients can easily add the workout date, the number of sets/reps and any notes/questions about their workout. At your next client appointment, you will easily see what they accomplished, provide better direction for any deficiencies or difficulties they experienced on their own, track any gains and quickly assess progress towards goals and determine if/when you need to change programming.
  • Your Personal Trainer Business Plan
    Whether you are just getting started or you are looking to expand or finance your current fitness business, you need a plan. This template gives you examples of mission statements, target markets, definitions of your services, itemized listing of business expenses and professional fee schedules and packages.
  • Client Intake, Release & Medical History
    Get all the info you need to properly assess your new clients and design their customized plans to meet their goals. Get your client's emergency contact information, release and medical history questions.
  • Client Daily Food Journal
    Just add your personal touch and it's ready to give to your clients. The journal includes space for listing meals with dates/times and snacks. There's also space for your clients to make notes and allows you to calculate the Total Daily Intake if you would rather be prescriptive.
  • Food Guide/Food Category
    Some clients need you to map out their dietary goals. This form allows you to use various methods of nutritional guidance, whether counting calories, servings of food groups or recommended portions. Your clients will get a quick chart to guide them at every meal.
  • Class Registration
    This template asks your class participants to provide you with their contact information, in case you need to cancel or move the class location, other class times and formats they may be interested in and whether they have any medical conditions you as the instructor should be aware of.
  • Client/Professional Letter Agreement
    Outlines your contract with your client. Customize it to state your fees, dates/times, duration and number of sessions and cancellation fees and policy. It is set up for Personal Trainers, but may easily be customized to Nutrition Consultants or Exercise Instructors.
  • Private Studio Use Agreement
    Releases you from liability if you are not working directly with a client who has your permission to workout in your studio. Establishes your fee for the use of equipment and specifies the duration.

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